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The view from Sweden; True Love 2010

Not a lot of content here, but I thought I’d post a few pictures of Helsingborg, Sweden. The first is Karnan, the remnant of a medieval castle which used to stand in the city center. The second shot is taken from atop this tower, and shows the city center, the Sound, and Denmark beyond. Helsingborg is the closest point in Sweden to Denmark.

In other news, the whole nation is geared up for a big royal wedding tomorrow, between Crown Princess Victora, the King’s eldest daughter who will someday be Queen, and Daniel Westling, a commoner who met Victoria when he worked as her personal trainer. Though the Swedish royals have less of a role than even those in Britain, and though most people under fifty seem to think they should be abolished, the Swedish media has flooded the population with hype about the big wedding. You can’t go into a store without seeing Princess Victoria and Daniel candy, magazines, commemorative coins, and everything else you can imagine. “True Love 2010” is the name of the whole campaign.