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Bonjour France

It has been eleven years that I have not set foot on Europe. I used to tell people that I have lived around the world since I was born. Thirteen years ago our family moved to Germany. However, it has been such a long time that I cannot really remember anything and I was so young that I did not have the capabilities to experience Europe greatly. So this summer, I decided to join this 5-week Project Management Program in France. Besides learning the fundamentals of Project Management, I would also like to re-experience Europe and know European cultures more in depth to justify my nomadic lifestyle.

After 9 hours of flight from Texas to London, and 1 hour flight from London to Paris, I finally reached my destination. I cannot really say that I’m very excited, but I know that I have a lot to anticipate. Paris CDG airport was definitely older than I thought. After I got my luggage and met some of my fellow program participants, we headed out and entered France officially. I had to exchange money first because I did not have time to do it when I was back in the states. Now I learned that really do not exchange money in the airport unless it is an emergency, because airport charges a great percentage of extra fees.

There was a French driver picking us up to Troyes. We cannot really have communication with the driver because we cannot speak French except “merci” and he cannot speak English. On the way, we noticed that private cars owned by Europeans are all small cars without a back outward extruded trunk. And the big trucks don’t have “noses”! All the trucks’ fronts are entirely flat. It was actually a long way through the countryside. Occasionally we would enter small French villages with small roads and white houses. Exhausting, we arrived our residence at Technology University of Troyes. Taking a nap was the important thing that time and I would call it a day.