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Multidisciplinary Design Minor: Global Health Design


My name is Theresa, I’m a mechanical engineering student, and I’m going to be traveling to Ghana to do clinical observations as a part of a needs scoping exercise for my senior design project. I’m going to be in a hospital in Kumasi, for 3-4 weeks, and possibly spending a week in a rural clinic. In addition, the group will also be installing a water purification system in a rural village.

I won’t be in the country until August, and my internet access (and, thus, blogging abilities) will be very limited, so I figured that in the meantime, I could write a bit about all the prep work I’m doing for the trip right now. At the moment, my main task is applying for my visa.

The visa application has become a long and somewhat arduous process. Things I have: passport, yellow card, plane ticket, $100 (in money order form). Things I need: copy of ticket, copy of yellow card, complete visa application (2 copies), passport photos (2-4), trackable self-addressed stamped envelope, copy of passport bio photos.

So, the big, major, important things (like a plane ticket) are in my possession, but it’s the smaller things that are proving elusive. The lack of access to a printer and copier is not helping the situation. Then there’s the confusion induced by the fact that the Ghanaian embassy (in DC) and the consulate (in NY) apparently don’t communicate with each other at all, to the extent that they have two different (albeit very similar) application forms. The embassy wants 4 photos, the consulate wants 2, but since the embassy’s website looks way more official than the consulate’s, that’s the one I’m going with.

Which still doesn’t solve my issues with getting all my documents organized and in the mail, but I’m hoping that Walgreens and a place down the street called Mailman Joey’s can take care of everything. Processing time is 3-7 business days, so I’ve got a pretty significant amount of wiggle room (7 weeks until I leave).

That pretty much covers everything I have to say right now. I’m planning some future posts on my summer homework (from ObGyn and Biodesign textbooks), the observations I did in the UM hospital, and my attempts to learn some Twi.