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France! (The Start)

Abbey of Pontlevoy

Outside the Abbey of Pontlevoy

I came to Pontlevoy with no expectations about the town or the Creative Process class.  Being a business student, I understand that this course will be a complete change of pace for me; however, I understand that if I put forth maximum effort, I will reap the benefits of an innovation course such as this.  Creativity is the combination of experiences and observing other things that have been created. These words were uttered of the mouth of Prof. Van Gent and they really resonated with me.

During our first exercise, we were required to come up with terms that we equate with creativity. One of the word that came to my head was “philosophy”.  Some of classmates might have wondered why I said this since I didn’t get a chance to explain my thought process. Basically, I have been studying to go to law school in doing so, I have come across many cases and arguments. For a successful argument and in philosophy in general, there is a certain level of creativity involved that helps solidify your points. Again, it is not that you are creating arguments out of the blue, but rather, you are taking a current problem/situation and applying previous arguments to it.  The creativity comes into play when you decide to either use the previous rationale for or against the current situation. To me, this is very interesting and I took this course to improve my thought process in relation to problems such as these.