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I will be studying abroad in Pontlevoy, France for the next four weeks taking a class called the Creative Process. The class is essentially a combination of art and engineering, neither of which I've done before. And I don't speak any French at all. Should make for a very exciting trip!

Creative Process in Pontlevoy, France

Hi Everyone!

My name is Genevieve Davis and I just finished my second year at U of M.  For the next few weeks, I will be in Pontlevoy, France (along with TJ) taking the same course that explores our creative abilities.  I am in the School of Kinesiology at Michigan, majoring in Movement Science, which honestly doesn’t typically involve much creative thinking.  I haven’t ever really thought of myself as a creative person, so I wanted to take this class as a kind of change of pace for me.  It doesn’t hurt that the class is in the French countryside either.

eiffel tower

Here I am at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which I visited during my travels before my class began.

Even though I don’t speak a word of French, I have really come to like France so far.   Before my class started I spent about a week in Madrid and Paris, neither of which I had been to before. I spoke enough Spanish to get around in Madrid, but Paris was a completely different story.  I didn’t realize how extremely difficult it would be to function in a place where you really don’t speak the language at all.  Fortunately, one of the girls I was traveling with spoke French so she could do the translating for me.  Since coming from Paris to Pontlevoy, I haven’t been affected as much by the language barrier.  I think that this may be because Pontlevoy is such a small town (I believe it has a population of 1,500)  and because I mostly hang around the abbey where we are housed, so I just don’t really encounter that many French-speaking people.

Well I’m off to go start our first class assignment: a stop-motion animation. I’ll keep posting about once or twice a week to keep you all posted on my trip!