Second Couple of Weeks at WeFarm

I have not written in this blog for a while now. A busy schedule and family vacation has kept me from it. The second couple of weeks at WeFarm were just exciting as the first. In these weeks we completed our two main community gardens (Orozco Community School and 45th Street). As these projects came to a close, I began to do cost analyses for the projects in order to determine the actual cost of the project as compared to the projected cost of the project.  In order to complete these, I had to look through scores of receipts to figure out this “actual cost”.

Aside from this individual project, WeFarm as a whole began its push on our main product: BACKYARD GARDENS! Each intern attempted to reach out to a specific community and engage the community members there. We generally found two classes of people: those who liked to garden (an already had a garden) and those who were not interested. As much as we tried to engage those that were not interested in gardening, our success rate was not high. But, we did not give up and began strategizing how we can most effectively reach out to the community. We attended neighborhood block parties and green-conscious events, as well as farmers markets and other events with high community turnout. We found a little more success here, although we were still unable to make serious sales.

Because of our lack of success in the past few weeks, the WeFarm Business team has taken up the challenge of generating a full-blown marketing strategy for our mid to late summer product: The Four-Season Garden. We hope that this marketing strategy will provide us with a base from which to work with. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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