Our 1st Day in Downtown Shanghai

On Sunday, May 9, we took our first trip to downtown Shanghai. To get from our campus to the center of the city we took the metro. Shanghai has the longest subway system in the world, with a total of 13 lines right now and even more under construction. The ride from SJTU takes about an hour including 2 transfers.

Once we got downtown, we toured historical, modern, and unique sites only found in Shanghai. Our day started at the location where the Communist Party of China was founded in May 1921.

The main display inside the site of the founding of the CPC

Next we headed to Xintiandi, a shopping and eating district with a modern mall along with many dinner/bar style restaurants. When we visited in the morning, there were not many people in this area. However, at night the place comes alive, with people packing patio dining areas and younger tourists and residents enjoying one of the two nightclubs on the top floor of the mall.

Our tour continued with a trip to the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre. Here we got to see the master plan for this incredible city. When the first person tells you that the population of Shanghai is 12 million, you gasp or just stare. But after seeing the scale model of Shanghai in 2020 in this museum, you start to believe them. Other displays focus on the transportation systems (bus, subway, maglev train, and airports) and the World Expo, a type of World’s Fair going on right now in the Pudong area of Shanghai.

3-D model of the plan for Shanghai by the year 2020, located in the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre

Our day ended with a walk along the Bund, a river walk area across from the main skyline of Shanghai. We walked along the entire pathway and then took a river cruise up and down to get an even more stunning view of the skyline. I am going to let these pictures do the talking.

The buildings on the Bund side of the waterfront

Water show on the river along the Bund


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