Swedish Summer

A view of downtown Helsingborg, set off the waterfront of the sound

Hey Stamps,

William Petrich here, Stamps Scholar Class of 2011. I will be spending two months in the south of Sweden this summer, in June and July. My trip has two primary academic purposes; I will be working an unpaid internship at a public library from which I will earn three credits in the Scandinavian Department, and I will be performing research for my Senior Honors History Thesis about the genesis of the Swedish Baptist faith and its development in Minnesota between 1853 and 1900.  I have been taking Swedish language classes at Michigan for three years and can read it pretty well, but not speak or listen as strongly. This immersion experience promises to help me enormously in this respect.

The town where I will live is Helsingborg, Sweden’s 9th largest city, located about 30 minutes north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Helsingborg is situated beautifully on the crisp, blue sound between Sweden and Denmark; a mere five minute international ferry ride separates the two nations. I have a small apartment in the city that’s only a few blocks from the library, where I will be a shelving assistant. When I return in early August, I will write an account of my trip in Swedish for the Scandinavian Department, thereby earning the final three credits I need for my Scandinavian Studies minor.

I will be performing research for my thesis at the Swedish Emigration Institute in nearby Vaxjo, Sweden as well. Additional help from the Stamps Scholarship has helped made my trip possible.

I arrive in Sweden on May 31, and will update at least weekly thereafter.

William C. Petrich


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